DORADO DOLPHINFISH (Coryphaena hippurus)

Over 130 lb dorado caught in Panama by Dennis Braid while fishing at Tropic Star Lodge (

Sherrell Carter decided to try her luck with 1 kg (2 lb) line when a big dolphin entered the spread off Piñas Bay, Panama. Back at the docks, the fish tipped the scales at 20,35 kg (44 lb 1 oz) a new IGFA world record.

 A 65 pound dorado (dolphingfish)

The dolphinfish is a member of the Coryphaenide family; this fish is also called dolphin, mahi mahi, dorado. Found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, the dolphinfish is pelagic, schooling, and migratory. Though occasionally caught from an ocean pier, it is basically a deep-water species, inhabiting the surface of the open ocean. When hooked dolphin may leap or tailwalk, darting first in one direction, then another. It is believed that they can reach speeds up to 55 mph (83.5 kph) in short bursts. Successful fishing methods include trolling surface baits (flying fish, mullet, balao, squid, strip baits) or artificial lures; also live bait fishing or casting.

MAX SIZE: 130 lb / 58 kg
MAX LENGHT: 74 inch / 190 cm
MAX AGE: Less than 7 years

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