GIANT GOURAMI (Osphronemus goramy)

Jean Francois Helis with a red giant gourami.

Giant Gorami caught in Thailand with of top fishing guide Mr. Jean Francois Helias (

This huge giant gourami was caught on Palm Tree Lagoon lake in Thailand.

Andrew John Wakefield with a monster size gourami caught in  Palm Tree Lagoon lake in Thailand.

The Giant Gourami lives to parts of Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, but has been introduced elsewhere for the purpose of aquaculture due to the fact it is very easy to reproduce in captivity. giant Gourami  lives in fresh or brackish water, particularly slow-moving areas such as swamps, lakes and small to large rivers.

MAX SIZE:11 lb / 5 kg
MAX LENGTH:27 inch / 70 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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