MUSKIE TIGER (Esox masquinongy x Esox lucius)

Tom Boise,  caught a 27-pound, 5-ounce tiger muskie through the ice on Otisco Lake.

A nice tiger muski by Matt Witt

Charlie Gallagher of Crete, Ill caught this 48 1/2 inch tiger Muskie.

Justin Easley caught a 46 inch tiger muskie weighing 31 pounds and 14 ounces in Blue Water Lake.

A nice tiger musky of 48 inches caught Matt Pelletier in New Mexico.

The tiger musky is a "hybrid" produced when a male northern pike (Esox lucius) fertilizes the eggs spawned by a female muskellunge (Esox masquinongy). It is conceivable that one might find a tiger musky anywhere that both muskellunge and northern pike occur together, though it is not a common fish anywhere.

MAX SIZE:60 lb / 27 kg
MAX LENGTH:63 inch / 135 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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