STURGEON WHITE (A. transmontanus)

1000 pound (12 feet) white sturgeon caught at San Pablo Bay, San Francisco

An 800 pounds -  362 kilos sturgeon from Fraser River in British Columbia (Canada)

Michael Snell with a withe sturgeon of Fraser River (Canada) of 12 feet and 4 inches and weight of about 1,100 pounds.

Angler Ron Jarvis with an huge white sturgeon weighed an estimated 880 lb - 398 kg

A 1,000 plus lb from Fraser river, Canada

A nice white sturgeon from Snake river, Idaho

White Sturgeon Video:

Withe sturgeons are found along the Pacific coast from the Aleutian Islands to California, U.S.A. Top hot spots are British Columbia rivers and in particular Freser River.

MAX SIZE:1100 lb / 500 kg
MAX LENGTH:12 feet / 4 mt
MAX AGE:over 100 years
ENVIRONMENT:Freshwater Saltwater

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