BARRACUDA GREAT (Sphyraena barracuda)

Fiji National Record Great Barracuda caught by a Halco Laser-Pro. (

Shorecaster Dean Hayashi was fishing at Olowalu (Hawaii) when landed this record barracuda 77 lb - 34.88 kg.

A big barracuda caught off Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean

Angler Tim Simpson with a barracuda great caught in Australia with lure.

Huge barracuda caught at Andamane Islands in India.

Barraduca great lives in all tropical seas except the East Pacific. It can be found offshore and inshore around reefs, piers, wrecks, sandy and grassy flats, and wherever smaller fish congregate. Smaller barracudas (1-10 pound ) sometimes school, but the large ones are almost invariably loners. Best fishing methods include trolling with plugs, spoons, and prepared baits; live bait fishing with small fishes; casting and retrieving live and strip baits as well as plugs and spoons. The cast should not land too near the barracuda, but should be retrieved past it at a fast, erratic speed.

MAX SIZE: 88 lb / 40 kg
MAX LENGTH: 78 inch / 200 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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