SNAPPER MULLET (Lutjanus aratus)

World Record size Mullet Snapper caught in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Kyle Vincent nailed a large 18.2 lb Mullet Snapper on 50 lb test ot of Tropic Star Lodge.

World Record size Mullet Snapper caught in Mexico by David Jones  45 lb. 8 oz.

A big size Mullet Snapper caught in Panama

Mullet snapper lives in the eastern Pacific from Mexico to Equador, including the offshore islands. This inshore, reef dwelling fish grows to over 50 lb (25 kg). Juveniles are encountered in shallow waters of coastal estuaries and also embayments; adult snapper range further offshore and may form aggregations consisting of several hundreds of individuals.

MAX SIZE: 50 lb / 25 kg
MAX LENGTH: 60 inch / 150 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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