STINGRAY BLACK (Dasyatis thetidis)

All these monster black stingrays were caught in South Africa (

The black stingray or longtail stingray (Dasyatis thetidis) is a species of stingray in the family Dasyatidae. this fish is is found off southern Africa,  New Zealand, Australia, from tshallow water to a depth of 450 metre (1,450 feet). This bottom dweller inhabits soft sandy bottomed habitats such as reefs, lagoons, estuaries. Growing to 2 metres (6 feet) across and over 220 kilos (450 pound) in weight, the thorntail stingray is one of the largest stingrays in the world. 

DISTRIBUTION: South Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 450 lb / 220 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 6 feet /2 metre
MAX AGE: Unknown

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