STURGEON KALUGA (Huso dauricus)

This 1360 pound - 616 kilo kaluga sturgeon was caught in China.

Kaluga Stugeon Video:

The video of the 1360-Pound Sturgeon Kaluga caught in China

The Kaluga sturgeon  (Huso dauricus) is a giant predatory sturgeon found in the Amur River and other few rivers in China. The Kaluga are claimed to be the largest freshwater fish in the all world, with a maximum size of at least 1000 kilos (2.205 pound) and 5,6 metres (18.6 feet). The Kaluga is one of the biggest of the sturgeon familyand surely one of the biggest fish in the world.

MAX SIZE: 2205 lb / 1000 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 18,6 inch / 15,6 mt
MAX AGE: More than 70 years

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