SNAPPER CUBERA ATLANTIC (Lutjanus cyanopterus)

Anglers  Lee Windham , Jeremy Shook,  Cody Shows hold onto an huge  95,2 pound Atlantic cubera snapper caught in  Perdido Key, Florida USA about 25 miles southeast of Orange Beach. 

Capt.Scott Bussen with s big snapper cubera.

Angler Lee Windham caught this big 95,2 pound Atlantic cubera snapper, while fishing over an artificial reef in 120 feet of water using a 3 pound dead blue runner. 

Off Dauphin Island, Alabama Brett Rutledge and David Simms were trolling with live fish for mackerel when hooked this  84.9 pounds - 38.45 kilo.

Snapper Atlantic Cubera is found throughout the western Atlantic from Florida and Cuba southward to Brazil. This  is the giant of all the snappers, attaining weights in excess of 110 pound (48 kilos).  It is a hard fighter, particularly on light tackle, and a fine food fish, but big exemplars can have ciguatera toxin. It can be fished with live or dead bait on the bottom but also with surface lures like big poppers on the surface.

DISTRIBUTION: Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE: 140 lb / 63 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 50 inch / 130 cm
MAX AGE: Aprox. 20+ years

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