In 1984 a stunning 1,649 pound Pacific blue marlin caught by Gary Merriman. Surely one of the biggest marlin ever caught with rod and line.

Monster size 1,805 lb ble marlin caught back in 1971 in Hawaii

Charter-boat "Luna" weighed a monster 1,226.5 pound - 555 kilo Pacific blue marlin. This huge fish was caught after over two hours fight by angler Dean Lemman with the help of Capt. Chip Van Mols while fishing off Hawaii

Anglers Darrell Omori and Guy Kitaok aboard the vessel "Dayna" fishing off Kona island, Hawaii, landed a monster 1,368 pound - 619 kg blue marlin. They caught this huge marlin while fishing aboard a 20-foot skiff

Off Pueu coasts, in Tahiti was caught a giant 1,474 lbs - 670 kilo blue marlin by "Tetuaura Ti-paon". This is one of the biggest marlin ever caught in the world.

"Northern Lights"  weighed an huge 1,309-pound blue marlin to give Kona its 5th grander of the year (2015). With Capt. Mat Bowman at the helm and crew Kyle Vannatta on deck, angler Michael Bilich reeled the big fish to the boat.

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