SNOOK BLACK (Centropomus spp)

An huge snook caught off Quepos, Costa Rica on board "Stress Reeliever"

A 40 lb - 19 kilo snook caught in Brazil.

A monster snook caught in Costa Rica on Nosara River

An huge snook of 56 lb - 25.3 kilo caught in Panama.

The  Snook is a member of the centropomidae family. It is alo called robalo in Spanish countries. Snook is present in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Snook inhabit shallow coastal waters, estuaries and brackish lagoons, often penetrating far inland in fresh water. Their movements between fresh and salt water are seasonal, but they stay close to shore and never stray far from estuaries. Snook diet consists mainly of fish and crustaceans. Best fishing methods include trolling or casting artificial lures or still fishing with live baits like  mullets, pinfishes, shrimps, crabs, or other small fish. Seems that the best fishing action is on the changing tide, especially high falling tide around river mouths and coastal shores and night fishing from bridges and in ocean inlets.

DISTRIBUTION: Atlantic and Pacific
MAX SIZE: 600 lb / 27 kg
MAX LENGTH: 60 inch / 150 cm
MAX AGE: Up to 10 years
ENVIRONMENT: Saltwater/freshwater

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