DRUM RED - REDFISH (Sciaenops ocellatus)

A 53 inch red drum with Capt. Hoggs

Super size red drum caught in Virginia with Healthy Grin Sport Fishing

A big red drum caught in Tampa, Forida. http://tarpamguide.com

A 51 inch red drum caught on kayak. http://kayakkevin.com

Capt. Shawn Warren caught this huge Redfish that measured 49 long in Galveston Texas.

Red Drum Videos:

The red drum is also called  puppy drum  channel bass, redfish, spot tail bass, red bass, red horse fish. The red drum is mainly in the western Atlantic Ocean from Maine to all the Gulf of Mexico. The red rum is a schooling species that occurs inshore over sandy or muddy bottoms. This predator fish inhabits both salt and brackish waters and can tolerate fresh water. 

DISTRIBUTION: West Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE: 100 lb / 45 kg
MAX LENGTH: 66 inch / 170 cm
MAX AGE: Up to 15 years

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