AMBERJACK GREATER (Seriola dumerili)

An IGFA "All Tackle" world record size greater amberjack caught in Japan. 156 lb / 71 kg caught by Hideyky nemoto at Iki Island.

A 240 lb - 110 kg amberjack caught al Las Palmas in Canary Islands by Dirk Wolthuis.

Probably the biggest greater amberjack caught on rod a line. A superb fish of 225 lb / 102 kg off Canary Island (Spain) coasts.

Angler Mark Underdahl  (Florida) set the Destin Fishing Rodeo record with his 111.6 pound / 50.28 kilos amberjack while fishing onboaed "Strange Brew" with Capt. Ken Nettles.

Amberjack is found in the Indo Pacific around Japan, China, and the Philippines,  throughout the western Atlantic Ocean, in portions of the eastern Atlantic Ocean (Madeira and southern and western Africa),  in the central Pacific off Hawaii and in the Mediterranean Sea in tropical and warm temperate waters. This predator fish is found mainly near the surface in open waters, but can be found at considerable depths and around off shore reefs, wrecks.

MAX SIZE:180 lb / 80 kg
MAX LENGHT:75 inch / 190 cm
MAX AGE:15 - 20 years?

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