1228 lb - 556 kg blue marlin!

In Cape Verde islands, Africa, Alexander Trukhachev caught an Atlantic blue marlin of 1.222 lb - 553 kg.
This world record size Atlantic blue marlin was caught by Paulo Amorin off Victoria in Brazil and weighted 1,402 lb - 636 kg

During the annual "Marlin World Cup" Tournament in Sengal a 1173 lbs - 531 kilos blue marlin was caught. Fishing friends  Jean-Robin and Eric had fought the huge fish for over 1 hour battle on 80 lb line.  

While fishing off Cape Verde Islands, Capt. Ronnie Fields and the rest of team "Big Oh" weighed a 1,254 pound - 568 kilo Atlantic Blue Marlin

While fishing off Ascension island angler Jada Holt caught  this epic 1,305 pound Atlantic blue marlin

Capt. Randy Hodgekiss on famous charter boat "Dreamin’ On" weighed a 1,290 lbs or 584.3 kilos Blue Marlinin Cape Verde Islands.

Angler Heiko Steinmetz smiled as he weighed a 1,234 lb - 559 kilo Blue Marlin caught off Cape Verde islands

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