Marco Liebenow was fishing in Norways and hooked this giant halibut weighed 232 kg - 513 lb. http://internationalfishingnews.blogspot.com

Tim pedersen an Jim-Roar Olsen caught this halibut off Arnøya in the North Norway. Weight 220 kg - 485 lb .

A 688 lb - 312 kg Atlantic halibut caught by Mathias Raise aboard the MS "Ballstadøy, a commercial fishing boat. This fish is, only two kilograms less than the heaviest halibut ever weighed in Norway.

Angler Johann Kaaserer caught this enormous 149.65 kg (329 lb 15 oz ) Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)h while fishing off Mefjord, Norwary. Source IGFA http://www.igfa.org

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