SHARK BRONZE WHALER (Carcharhinus brachyurus)

Wesley Peens had a four hour fight with this 280 lb -127 kg Bronze Whaler off the Island at Mazeppa Bay. South Africa.

A 3 metre and 550 lb -250 kg bronze whaler shark at Point Lonsdale, Australia.

This bronze whaler shark come from Namibia a 130 - 285 lb.

 Bronze Whaler Shark Videos: 

The bronze whaler shark or copper, or narrowtooth shark (Carcharhinus brachyurus) is a species of family Carcharhinidae. This kind of shark can be found from brackish rivers and river estuaries, to shallow bays and harbors, to deeper waters up to 300 feet - 90 mt.  A  Bronze whaler shark large reach 3,3 mt or 11 feet long.

DISTRIBUTION:Pacific - Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE:600 lb / 270 kg 
MAX LENGTH:11 feet / 3,3 mt
MAX AGE:Up to 30 years

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