STINGRAY ROUGHTAIL (Dasyatis centroura)

Captain Mark "Shark" Quartiano caught this huge stingray roughtail of 800 lb - 360 kg off Miami Beach.

Stingray Roughtail Video:

The roughtail stingray (Dasyatis centroura) inhabits sandy or muddy areas with patches of invertebrate cover, at a depth of 50 to 300 feet - 15 to – 150 mt.
This stingray grows up to  8.5 feet - 2.6 mt and with a maximum weight of 370 kg - 810 lb.
The roughtail stingray  is seasonally migratory, moving into coastal habitats for summer. it is found in Atlantic Ocean.

MAX SIZE:810 lb / 370 kg
MAX LENGTH:8,5 feet / 2,6 mt
MAX AGE:Unknown

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