MAORI WRASSE (Cheilinus undulatus)

Sami Ghandour with this trophy Maori Wrasse off French Polynesia.

A maori wrasse caught while popping fishing in Polynesia.

This maori wrasse was cught on the Coral Sea on "Elizabeth E 11"

Huge maori wrasse caught in Australia.

Monster size maori wrasse

Maori Wrasse Videos:

Maori wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus), is a species of wrasse mainly found on coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific Ocean areas. This fish is also known as the  Humphead wrasse , Napoleon wrasse or Napoleon fish. Males reaching 6 feet - 2 mt in length for a weight of more than 400 lb - 180 kg.

MAX SIZE: 400 lb / 180 kg
MAX LENGTH: 59 inch / 150 cm
MAX AGE: Aprox 20 years

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