PACIFIC BLEUFIN TUNA (Thunnus orientalis)

Angler Donna Pascoe has caught this Pacific bluefin tuna of 907 lb or 411 kg fishing off a charter boat, Gladator, out of Houhora in the far north of New Zealand.

A.G. Hamilton landed a 300 kg - 660 lb Pacific bluefin tuna in 90 minutes while fishing out of Greymouth, New Zealand.

A 738 lb - 335 kg Pacific bluefin tuna by angler Nathan off Houhora in New Zealand.

The Pacific bluefin tuna is an huge predator species of tuna found mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean, but it is migratory and also caught in the south Pacific.

This big specie of tuna may reach as much as 3 meters - 9.85 feet in length and 1000 lb - 453 kg  in weight.

MAX SIZE: 1000 lb / 453 kg
MAX LENGTH: 10 feet / 300 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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