PIKE NORTHERN (Esox lucius)

Poland: 63,14lbs/28,64kg probably biggest pike ever!!!!

Norway 41,1 lbs/18,7 kg Tore Harry Halvorsen ,Grimstad

Sweden : 58,58 lbs/26,57 kg Fehmi Varli, Sødertalj.
Italy: 55 lb / 24.90 kg Lake Maggiore 

Germany: aprox 40 lb /18 kilos

 Holland: 55lb / 24.90 kg Volkerak Lake

Germany: 39 lb /17 kg

Italy : angler Murizio Rossini with a 53 lb / 24 kg

Pike (Esox lucius) is a hol-arctic species, meaning that it occurs around the world in northern, or Arctic waters. In North America it is found in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins from Labrador to Alaska and south to Pennsylvania, Missouri and Nebraska, USA. In Northern Eurasia pike are found from France to eastern Siberia and south to northern Italy.

DISTRIBUTION:North America Europe
MAX SIZE:66 lb / 30 kg
MAX LENGHT:53 inch / 135 centimeter

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