An atlantic salmon caught on Kola Peninsula Russia on Varzina river.
Uwe Lehrer with a giant atlantic salmon 29.2 kilo - 64.3 lb caught in Bergeforsen Sweden. Source:

42 inches long salmon  caught on Scotland‘ s Isle of Mull by Garrett VeneKlasen.

A 28.72 kg - 63 lb atlantic salmon caught in Sound of Hanö, Province of Blekinge, Sweden

While fishing , out of Rugen, Germany,  Joachim Ochmann caught this 16 kg (35 lb 4 oz) Atlantic salmon.

The Atlantic salmon is native to the northern Atlantic from the Connecticut River to Quebec, Iceland and southern Greenland. It also occurs from the Arctic Circle to Portugal. Inland, there are a number of landlocked populations that must be considered strictly freshwater fish. Otherwise, the species is anadromous (migrates to the sea and back, and spawns in fresh water). Unlike Pacific salmons (Oncorhynchus spp.), Atlantic salmon spawn more than once before dying.

DISTRIBUTION:North America - Europe
MAX SIZE:90 lb / 40 kg
MAX LENGHT:63 inch / 160 cm
MAX AGE:Aprox 15 years
ENVIRONMENT:Saltwater - Freshwater

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