TRAIRA (Hoplias aimara)

A nice traira (Hoplias aimara) caught by angler Martini Arostegui and IGFA record

A great size traira caught in Brasil by a Sumax Fishing angler

Monster size traira of Rio Juruena in Brazil. The weight of this fish is surely over 80 pound - 40 kilos.

A traira caught in Brazil at SuiĆ  Micu Lodge

The traira or freshwater Wolf Fish, is a species  found in the rivers of South America; mainly in Brazil, Guyana and Suriname. Triara is often found in counter current zones of principal rivers and creeks. This fish is mainly an ambush predator of fish but also feeds opportunistically on other animals that fall into the water such as terrestrial invertebrates. Seems that this fish can reach the 80 pound - 40 kilos and 47 inch - 120 cm in lenght but bigger fishes was caught with net in the past decade.

MAX SIZE:80 lb / 40 kg (?)
MAX LENGTH:47 inch / 120 cm
MAX AGE:Unknown

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