COBIA (Rachycentron canadum)

an IGFA world recod cobia

Jaime DaSilva's record cobia—54.50   kilograms (120.1 pounds)
Wonderful woman for a very big cobia. this fish was an IGFA woman record size fish.

Multiple record holder Kate Burke, landed another potential record, the 19.42 kg (42 lb 13oz) cobia was caught while fishing Lanark Village, in Florida, USA with local captain W. Camp Walker.

Cobia appartain at the Rachycentridae family; it is also called ling, lemonfish, black salmon, black kingfish, sergeant fish, cabio. Worldwide in tropical and warm temperate waters both offshore and inshore. Adult cobia seem to prefer shallow continental shelf waters. They particularly like buoys, pilings, wrecks, anchored boats. This predator fish is a highly rated, hard hitting game fish that is prone to long, powerful, determined runs and occasional leaps. Often when one is hooked the entire school will surface along with it. Preferred fishing methods are trolling with lures or baits, bottom fishing, jigging, chumming, and spin casting. Cobia can be caught on crustaceans as well as on smaller fishes. Very good baits are squid, crabs, small live fishes, cut baits, and strip baits. Plugs, spoons and weighted feathers can also be used.

DISTRIBUTION:Pacific and Indian Oc.
MAX SIZE:150 lb / 67 kg
MAX LENGHT:77 inch / 195 cm
MAX AGE:aprox. 15 years

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