COALFISH (Pollachius pollachius)

a super size coalfish (Pollachius pollachius) caught in North Norway by angler Pim Pos.

Over 30 pound coalfish caught in North Norway. (

A big coalfish from North Norways caught by Alexander Habeck.

A big 35 pound / 16 kilos coalfish from Tromso area caught by Julius Drewes (

DISTRIBUTION:North East Atlantic O.
MAX SIZE:75 lb / 35 kg
MAX LENGHT:59 inch / 145 cm
MAX AGE:10 years

is a species of marine fish in the Pollachius genus. Together with Pollachius pollachius it is generally referred to in the U.S. as Pollock. Other names include the Boston blues (separate from bluefish), coalfish (or coley) and saithe. It is common in the northern parts of the Northern Atlantic, including the Bay of Biscay. Adults  The fish can be found close to the shore, particularly in rocky areas but larger examples tend to be found around off-shore wrecks and reefs.

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