SAILFISH ATLANTIC (Istiophorus platypterus)

Angler Carlos Moran was fishing off his home town of Luanda, Angola with Dr. Iain Nicholson  when he hooked into a fish of a lifetime and the new men’s  (30 lb) line class world record for Atlantic sailfish  Weighing in at a whopping 60.9 kg (134 lb 4 oz), Moran needed one hour to best this potential record sail after it ate the skirted ballyhoo being trolled for bait.

Angler Luisa Baptista caught a 136 lb - 61.60 kg sailfish while fishing off Angola coast in Africa. A new world record fish by IGFA

Sailfish inhabits tropical and subtropical waters near land masses, usually in depths over 6 fathoms, but occasionally caught in lesser depths and from ocean piers. This fish is a pelagic and migratory, sailfish usually travel alone or in small groups. They prefer appear to feed mostly in midwater along the edges of reefs or current eddies.

MAX SIZE:155 lb / 70 kg
MAX LENGHT:86 inch / 220 cm
MAX AGE:Aprox 20 years

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