BASS LARGEMOUTH (Micropterus salmoides)

World record size Laregouth Bass caught in Japan Lake Biwa 22.4 lb 10.12 kg by Manabu Kurita. (

Jed Dickerson caught his 21.68 lb bass in Tiny Dixon Lake, US.
Raymond Easley caught his  21 lb 3 oz largemouth on March 4, 1980, on Lake Casitas, California, US 

Mac Weakley caught Dixon’s famous resident giant, which pulled the scales down to 25.1 pounds.

This fish appartains at the Centrarchidae Family. Originally confined primarily to the eastern United States of American and portions of northern Mexico and southern Canada, this member of the sunfish family can be found in every state in the U.S., throughout Mexico and Central America, and in many other countries throughout the world.

They are the most popular freshwater game fish. Much of its popularity is due to its pugnacious attitude and willingness to strike a lure or bait with explosive force. 
Research indicates that the largemouth bass is also the most intelligent freshwater fish, able to distinguish and avoid a particular type of lure after only one encounter with it. 

America Europe Asia
26 lb / 12 kg
30 inch / 75 cm

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