TUNA BIG EYE (Thunnus Obesus)

IGFA world record Atlantic big eye tuna.
212 lb / 96 kg big eye tuna caught in Hawaii (USA)
Troy Kincaid's 231-pound bigeye tuna caught in Hawaii.
357 lb 73 in long 63 in girth big eye tuna caught  off san cristobal Galapagos (Equador) fish was caught on 50 lb test weighed.
Sarah Elizabeth McLean caught a 114 kilo - 251 lb 5 oz Atlantic bigeye tuna  while fishing with Capt. David Abreu out of Funchal, Portugal.

Angler Curtis De Silva while fishing off Madeira Island onboard "Pesca Grossa" with Capt. Frothy De Silva. caught a 106.6 kg or 234.4 lb big eye tuna

A 312 lb Big Eye Tuna caught off Ascension Island in May 2014

Found in warm temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, this schooling, pelagic, seasonally migratory species is suspected of making rather extensive migrations. Schools bigeye tuna generally run deep during the day. Schools of bluefin, yellowfin and some others are known to occasionally swim at the surface, especially in warm water.Its diet includes squid, crustaceans, mullet, sardines, small mackerels and some deep water species. Fishing methods are trolling deep with squid, mullet or other small baits, or artificial lures and live bait fishing in deep waters with similar baits. It is an excellent food or sport fish, an important commercial species.

MAX SIZE:440 lb / 200 kg
MAX LENGTH:72 inch / 185 cm

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