MARLIN BLACK (Makaira indica)

1560 lb black marlin caught at Cabo Blanco in Peru.

A black marlin caught in Cabo San Lucas Mexico by Ron Hutchin's 717pound.

 Kip Farrington huge black marlin.
1335 lb Black Marlin caught in Australia on board "Dreamin On" boat.

  This marlin weighed 503 kg or 1109 lbs, was a total length of 14 feet or 4.26 metres and 80 inches or 203cms in girth.

Balck marlin lives in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. In tropical areas distribution is scattered but continuous in open waters; denser in coastal areas and near islands. In temperate waters occurrence is rare. A few stray black marlin travel around the Cape of Good Hope into the Atlantic. Some have been known to cross the ocean from there, traveling in a southwesterly direction as far as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or in a northwesterly direction as far as the Atlantic coasts of the Lesser Antilles. Such excursions are, however, regarded as exceptional. Very little is known of the migrations of this pelagic species, but they do not appear to be extensive except in unusual cases.

DISTRIBUTION: Pacific and Indian Ocean
MAX SIZE: 1650 lb / 750 kg
MAX LENGHT: 1,35 feet / 4,5 mt
MAX AGE: Unkonwn

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