TARPON (Megalops atlanticus)

Diana Rudolph  135 lb 5oz tarpon caught in Florida

Max Domecq of Hossegor was guided by Captain Patrick Sebile in Guinea Bissau (Africa) to catch the All-Tackle 286 lb 9 oz (130 kg) tarpon www.igfa.org

French angler Daniel Lopuszanski fishing out of Pointe Noire, Congo on April 4, 2012 with local guide Maurice Gregoirei landed a massive 105.2 kg (231 lb 14 oz) silver king.

Occurs in warm temperate tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal fish can be found both inshore and offshore. Because of its ability to gulp air directly into the air bladder by “rolling” at the surface, the tarpon is able to enter brackish and fresh waters that are stagnant and virtually depleted of oxygen. Such areas are relatively free of predators, thus offering a convenient refuge for the young.
Fishing methods are still fishing with live mullet, pinfish, crabs, shrimp, etc., or casting or trolling with spoons, plugs, or other artificial lures. The best fishing is at night when the tarpon is feeding. They are hard to hook because of their hard, bony mouths. Once hooked they put up a stubborn and spectacular fight, often leaping up to 10 feet out of the water. It was one of the first saltwater species to be declared a game fish.

MAX SIZE:300 lb / 135 kg
MAX LENGHT:90 inch / 230 cm
MAX AGE:Aprox. 15 years (?)

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