BASS GIANT SEA (Stereolepis gigas)

World’s record Giant Sea Bass, 428 pounds, caught by John I. Perkins on June 31, 1905 at Catalina Island.  Before Davey’s Locker.

Two gigantic fish, either giant black sea bass, or gulf grouper at the limit of their size range, at the Flying Sportsmen Lodge in Loreto.

Giant Black Sea Bass, Santa Catalina, California, 1900.Weight of 384 pounds, and caught on rod and reel.

Giant Sea Bass (Stereolepis gigas) lives in tropical and subtropical inshore waters of the northeast Pacific off the California and North Mexican coasts. Also known on the Asiatic Pacific coast. Despite its great size, the giant sea bass is an inhabitant of near shore waters, particularly over hard, rocky bottoms and around kelp beds. The giant sea bass and its close relative the jewfish are the giants of the bass family.

DISTRIBUTION: East Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 600 lb / 270 kg
MAX LENGHT: 90 inch / 230 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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