OPAH (Lampris guttatus)

A 115 pound opah landed by a longrange angler out of San Diego, California, USA on board charter boat "American Angler". (ww.americananglersportfishing.com)

 An opah caught off Hawaii, USA. (www.konadeepsea.com

A 97,4 pounds opah (www.ifish.net

Opah fish is also commonly known as redfin ocean pan, moonfish, sunfishmoonfish and sometimes as Jerusalem haddock. Opah are ldeep bodied pelagic high colorful fishes that are member of the Lampriform family Lampridae
Opah are rarely caught by recreational anglers, but are frequently caught as bycatch in many longline tuna fisheries.They are prized trophies for deepwater anglers as their large size and attractive form lend themselves well to taxidermy. 

MAX SIZE: 220 lb / 100 kg  
MAX LENGTH: 70 inch / 180 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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