PATAGONIA TOOTHFISH (Dissostichus eleginoides)

Patagonia Tooothfish Videos

The Antarctic Patagonian toothfish, (also incorrectly called Chilean sea bass)  is a big fish found in the cold, temperate waters, between depths of 45 metre - 150 feet to 3,500 metre - 12000 feet  of the southern Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and Southern Ocean on sea mounts and continental shelves around most sub Antarctic islands.
The average weight of the Paatagonia Toothfish is around 16 lb -7 kg to 25 lb - 12 kg depending of the depending on the fishery zone, with large adults occasionally exceeding 100 kilograms  - 220 pound.

MAX SIZE: 220 lb / 100 kg
MAX LENGTH: 90 inch / 230 cm
MAX AGE: Up to 50 years

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