GUITARFISH - Shovelnose shark (Rhynchobatus djiddensis)

Garth Tedder caught this giant guitar fish north of Richards Bay, South Africa 

A big size spotted guitarfish (

Andre Go with a big guitarfish of  79.9 kg - 175 lb caught in South Africa.

A 90lb Shovelnose Shark caught off Exmouth, Australia

The giant guitarfish  is found only in the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean as far south as South Africa and also into east Atlantic Ocean.
Big guitarfish family is actually composed by four different species.In addition to the giant guitarfish, there is the white-spotted guitarfish, the broadnose guitarfish and  the smoothnose wedgefish.
The biggest seems to reach the weigh of  much as 500 lb - 227 kg.

DISTRIBUTION: Indian and Atlantic Ocean
MAX SIZE: 500 lb / 227 kg
MAX LENGTH: 10 feet / 300 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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