GIANT TREVALLY (Caranx ignobilis)

A junior IGFA world record caught in Reunion Island of 105 pound - 48 kilos.

Keiki Hamasaki of Japan with a monster 160 lb. 7 oz. -72.50 kilo giant trevally.

Martin Larsson and fishing guide Maddalena Martinengo ( decided to troll a skirted ballyhoo while fishing off their native coast of Tanzania, hooking into a giant trevally. Larsson pulled up an enormous GT weighing in at 56.60 kg - 124 lb 12 oz.

Luke Ryan with an huge giant trevally caught in Marquesas Islands.

Giant trevally Inhabits coral and rock reefs in warm coastal waters of the Indian and central Pacific Oceans, eastward to the Hawaiian and Marquesas Islands. Common in the waters off Kenya and other parts of Africa as well as off Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia,  north part of New Zealand and Hawaii. Adults GT are sedentary, prefer rocky areas near shore or outside reef drop offs, and feed most actively at night. Hawaiian anglers report that the darker the night the more actively they feed. It is a highly rated sport fish in the all tropical waters mainly with big poppers for its large size and for the hard fight it gives. Fishing methods include surf fishing, drifting, jigging, spin or still fishing using live or cut baits. Trolling with baits and lures can also bring results.

DISTRIBUTION: Indian and Pacific Ocean
MAX SIZE: 177 lb / 80 kg
MAX LENGTH: 66 inch / 1,7 cm
MAX AGE: Unknown

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